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8:38am 08-30-2006
Mike Davidson
Thanks John. This is great. I have downloaded the four "The Boyfriends" from the MGM Shorts website. Unfortunately, although I am originally from Georgia, U.S.A. where I used to watch TCM regularly, the version of TCM here in the UK where I now live doesn't seem to air them. Thanks for the information. Take care and keep up the great work. Sincerely, Mike.
8:37am 08-24-2006
John Frank
Hi Mike,
This September 15th is "Hal Roach Day"on TCM, Turner Classics. They have been airing Boy Friends episodes here and there unannounced in between movies but on this day they will air 5 of the 15 episode ever made, beginning at 10:30 am EST.
Cut and Paste this link:

Be sure to set the TCM schedule to your time zone, upper left.

I know "Ladies Last","Blood and Thunder", "High Gear", "Air Tight" and "Call a Cop" are definitely BF episodes.

If you leave another post with your email I will contact you further and also pull your email off of the post as soon as I get it. Thank you for your compliments on the site! John Frank
8:12am 08-23-2006
Mike Davidson
I grew up watching The Little Rascals on television and later on video in Georgia, U.S.A. One of my favorite episodes has always been "Fish Hooky" and all because of Mary Kornman. Does anyone know if there are, have ever been or ever will be any of the episodes of The Boyfriends available on either DVD or VHS? I recall taping the one aired on American Movie Classics - "Mama Loves Papa" several years ago. Unfortunately, I was unable to retain my videotape of this one episode and AMC very strangely never seemed to air any others. I have always admired Mary. Can anyone please help? This is a wonderful website and a great tribute to lovely Mary. Thank you very much.


Mike Davidson
8:51pm 06-18-2006
Ron Rader
Mary has to be one of the most adorable girls, and one of the most beautiful young ladies I have ever seen in my life!!! I remember when I saw the John Wayne movie 'The Desert Trail' and saw Mary Kornman. I thought she was absolutley beautiful! I then discovered that she was 'Mary' of the old 'Our Gang' comedies. I just had to find more info about her, and have been a fan of hers ever since.

I feel this is the best web page on Mary that I have ever seen. Keep up the good work. Hope this web page continues for a long time to come.
8:35am 06-09-2006
John Frank
December 27,2005. Today is Mary's birthday! It is also the first year anniversary of the Official Mary Kornman Website. Mary would have celebrated her 90th birthday today. May I take this time to remember her for all of the joy she brought into so many lives, including mine. Thank you Mary and Happy Birthday! John Frank
8:34am 06-09-2006
John Frank
Please note that I have switched guestbooks. Below are listed all of the entries from the original Mary Kornman Guestbook. Thank you. John Frank

Torlandor Puzdoi - 2005-11-25 16:49:50
hello every one

Ron Coblentz - 2005-11-06 15:52:16
Thank you for this website and the official picture gallery website. She was extremely talented and beautiful and leaves a wonderful legacy.

John Frank - 2005-09-10 17:48:59
Once again, Thanks to both Randy and Bob for sharing from their private collections, allowing their photos to be displayed in the Mary Kornman gallery!

Randy Jones - 2005-09-10 07:04:50
1st message!!! If anyone has photos of Mary that you don\'t see in the gallery, please share them
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