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1:44pm 01-29-2010
Brent Rohde
In the wake of John's most recent annual message of good cheer, I just want to point out something that is easy to take for granted in these days of instant online gratification. This website is a Mary Kornman Parthenon. The concentration of riches here seems on a par with the legendary wealth of Ali Baba's cave. This is a Mary-golden museum, but without a museum's untouchable sterility. This is a den, and it's cozy. Love lives here and shines in every photo generously shared and every word devotedly written. Website visitors are luckier than they may realize: this is the single best collection of Mary Kornman memorabilia on display in the world. And it is growing. Come back and visit often--with gratitude and wonder. "Feels like home to me/Feels like home to me/Feels like I'm all the way back where I belong..."--Linda Ronstadt; lyrics by Randy Newman.
9:46am 12-27-2009
John Frank
Today is Mary’s birthday. It is also the fifth anniversary of the launching of this website, which honors the most beautiful and charming Mary Kornman.

I am happy to see many new people have “discovered” the joy of Mary and others have reacquainted themselves with her. This is most evident by some of the new youtube video compilations of Mary that have been uploaded, along with recent postings on this message board.

Northbreed1, your videos are outstanding! Thank you!

Randy, what can I say? Your commitment to finding as many photos of and information concerning Mary is still as strong as when you first started! Thank you for sharing your treasures with all of us!

Most of all, thank you Mary, for putting sunshine in so many hearts and a smile on so many faces!

Happy Birthday Mary!
10:41am 12-26-2009
When I was a kid, I saw Mary in a 16mm print of Commencement Day, struggling to deliver "Mary Had a Little Lamb" in front of the school class. Since then, that face has haunted me across time and space. She was born here in Idaho almost ninety-four years ago, and still enchants the world, even though she is long gone. Pretty amazing when you think about it.
6:08pm 10-16-2009
I am one of her biggest fans!!!! I love her! I made 3 fan videos of her on my Youtube acount! And im working on another one.
A true beauty gone to soon.
I miss her more and more each day.
We love you.
9:34am 09-30-2009
5:34pm 05-25-2009
Brent Rohde

Well, this is just about the best darn website in Internet history. Is it still a work in progress? I'd love to see some actual film clips added someday.

I would like to request that you please send me a private message via email, John. Why should you? My credentials are outstanding: I own an essential piece of Mary Kornman memorabilia. I would also like to ask you a few questions about Mary's films and Mildred's contact information. Wishing you good cheer! Brent Rohde
7:16pm 04-18-2009
Sylvia Shepard
Hi John, This a really neat site. What a tribute to a sweet actress and lady.
Sylvia (Broxson) Shepard
5:09pm 01-11-2009
Ricki Chambers

It was nice to find your wonderful website. My maiden name is Ricki Van Dusen. Over the years I have had many people calling me to ask if I was 'the supermodel Ricki'. I had no idea who they were talking about until now. So it is great to finally put a beautiful face to the 'original' Ricki. I used to watch Our Gang with my grandfather when I was little and I was a big fan. He was friends with Darla Hood and I was lucky enough to meet her once. Just wanted to say hello and Happy Birthday (mine was Dec. 21st!) - Ricki Van Dusen Chambers
7:25am 12-27-2008
John Frank
Today is Mary’s birthday. It is also the fourth anniversary of the launching of this website, that I have dedicated to honor the most beautiful and charming Mary Kornman.

Again I bid peace, happiness, and good health to all of those who have shared on these message boards and in other ways.

Randy, you have once again outdone yourself in finding even more photos of Mary than I could have ever thought existed! Thank you for sharing those photos with me and the whole world!

Thank you Mary, for putting sunshine in so many hearts and a smile on so many faces!

Happy Birthday Mary!
6:21am 09-30-2008
John Frank
Hey Eric and Hunter!
Thanks for checking out the site. How about "Call a Cop"? Hilarious! I never heard you guys laugh so hard! Mr. Frank
7:43pm 09-26-2008
Hey Mr.Frank!!!!!
It's me Eric, sweet website! I'll see you next Fri. Can you believe Mickey Daniels died at age 56!!!!!??????
3:43pm 09-11-2008
Hello Mr. Frank cool website see you next tuesday.

From your student, Hunter
5:08pm 04-15-2008
Paul Powell
I was able to write to Shirley Jean Ricket and Jean Darling and Jackie Lynn Taylor and Miss De Borba But alas Not Mary. I look at Her smile and realize how short life is and how very precious. We Love ya Mary and we are so very glad to have your Images to remind Us of Little Girls Giggles and pretty girls Smiles........
7:05pm 03-27-2008
John Frank
Hi Brian. Thanks for visiting the site. So many enjoy the entertainment of today but don't take time to appreciate those who laid the foundation. I created this site in Mary's honor for all she contributed to the movie industry. Doing this project has led me into a whole new world classic movie watching, as you may know. These old movies are like the classic rock of cinema. What they may lack in technology they far exceed the new movies in acting, writing, and talent. With all of the special computer effects of today the new stuff can't touch them! Peace!
6:46am 03-26-2008
Hey mr. Frank! Its Brian, you know the kid with the long brown hair in your class?

I just wanted to say this is a very interesting website! I saw you showing it to sasha today and I thought I'd check it out.

Im glad that you are providing a resource for everyone who wants to know just about anything about Mary kornman, and that you are showing to people who knew mary or her sister or are just a fan of the movies and shorts, that old things, like marys movies, are not bad just because there old. Whch for many younger people today Is a surprise, and that includes myself

Good luck with the website, your student, brian. (dont read this to the class.)
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