9:59pm 01-04-2013
Gene Mahan
I very much appreciate this site. Mary was such a beautiful lady and I liked her in The Desert Trail with John Wayne.
11:09am 12-30-2012
John Frank
Whew! Another storm and power outage the day before Mary’s birthday threw me off my game! The heavy winds went through the night downing another tree in my back yard. Was that you blowing out your candles Mary?!
We're eight years on the web and still going strong! As always, Thanks Randy for all you do!

Once again, Thank You Mary, for putting sunshine in so many hearts and a smile on so many faces!

Happy Birthday Mary!
5:39pm 04-18-2012
Greg Hurd
Hi John, Happy to see this site. Randy will have something very nice soon and that's all I'm saying. Thanks for the wonderful memories!!
11:31pm 03-13-2012
Paul Diederich
I just received in the mail today a complete set of all 15 shorts from "The Boyfriends" series that starred Mickey Daniels and the beautiful Mary Kornman. The series ran from 1930 to 1932. The picture quality is excellent and there were several of these shorts that I've only read about but never actually seen them. It is a great addition to my DVD collection. The one short: "Too Many Women" has Mickey and Mary looking through a photo album together with photos from the "Our Gang" days and film clips from those shorts makes this particular "Boyfriends" entry quite interesting and entertaining. Love you, Mary!
11:47pm 01-21-2012
Ralph Lingenberg
My first movie star that I met. I was about 9 and Mary was 13 when we met, she was my neighbor Clifford Comer's cousin. She took my brother Dick and I by the hand and marched us all the way down to Carthy Center Theater. She held our hands the entire day. She bought our tickets to the movie and then held our hands and walked us home to Beverly Hills. She was famous in the original 'Our Gang' comedy. A great gal to know, genuine and one of a kind.
12:12pm 01-15-2012
Mike Davidson
Hi John. I am so glad to see the Mary Kornman site is still very much alive and well. You have done a splendid job to keep bringing any new information and photos and I just want to say thank you. The lovely and charming Mary Kornman will always live through her work that we have to enjoy for years to come.
8:18am 12-27-2011
John Frank
Today is Mary’s birthday! It also marks the seventh anniversary of the launching of the official Mary Kornman Website.

As always, Randy is out there faithfully gathering up new photos of both Mary and Mildred. Many thanks to you Randy! Look what else he found! Exposure

Thanks to all of our visitors for sharing such wonderful thoughts of Mary.

And as always, Thank You Mary, for putting sunshine in so many hearts and a smile on so many faces!

Happy Birthday Mary!
11:35pm 10-27-2011
Paul V. Diederich
If you would like to see the best example of the Our Gang silent shorts; "The Cobbler", "A Pleasent Journey", "No Noise" and "Sunday Calm", check out You Tube and type in Our Gang Silents to see them all. The gentleman who pieced together these films did it through different sources to produce the most complete examples I've ever seen and the picture quality is excellent in most cases. Mary never looked better than she does in these refirbished shorts. Check it out!
8:00am 08-18-2011
Wonderful Mary Kornman.please how is The correct Adress for an Photo from yoy, I have wroted 3 Letters but all come back, unfortunately. For your Godsend I have a Honour Place! So happy yours Ronny Wengorz Ludwigslsterstr.80 19294 Malliß Germany
5:26am 05-24-2011
Paul R. Powell
Watched College Humour last night after getting it in the Mail. When Mary Says "No" with those pouting lips a man could melt! I would love to see some Pix from later years. Anyway having her spell Kornmann with 2 n's on her contract with her family answered another question.
9:45am 04-12-2011
jorge moreno
hello mr john frank ,i need to contact you very soon ,please can you send me an email?its important,yours,jorge
1:34am 03-27-2011
Scott Sauer
Hi Mary

How are you ?
I have been a fan for years .
You are a great entertainer !!!!
Enjoy all your work
May i please have an autographed photo
to hang on my wall to cherish.
If possible may i please have an extra photo
to surprise my friend ,also a huge fan.
Thanks and keep up the great work.

All The Best
Love xoxoxoxox
Scott Sauer

PS For a hobby I’m an amateur comedien
performing open mike nights ,Also played an extra as a
prisoner in the movie Trapped in Paradise with Nicolas Cage
and Dana Carvey

Or is their an address I can send a SASE
7:55pm 01-24-2011
steve cox
Mary, by far was the cutest of all the girls in the Our Gang shows. Many people today probably don't know of her because she was only in the silent pictures. She sure turned out to be one beautiful woman. It is sad that she never had children and passing away at such a very young age.

7:48am 01-19-2011
John Frank
Please note that any posts containing nonsense and off colored remarks will be immediately removed. Also, leaving posts in someone else’s name constitutes fraud and will therefore be removed as well. Repeat offenders will have their ip address blocked as well. Please remember that this site was created to honor the beautiful Mary Kornman. John
10:14am 01-11-2011
Rick Hansen
I just finished up watching the entire "Our Gang" series on TCM and I couldn't help but check out some of the earliest of "Hal Roach's Rascals". I'm a 45 year old guy, but these timeless classics just kept me in stitches. Mary, along with so many others in the "Gang" will never, ever be forgotten.... Many thanks for this website which keeps her memory alive and well !
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