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7:55pm 01-24-2011
steve cox
Mary, by far was the cutest of all the girls in the Our Gang shows. Many people today probably don't know of her because she was only in the silent pictures. She sure turned out to be one beautiful woman. It is sad that she never had children and passing away at such a very young age.

7:48am 01-19-2011
John Frank
Please note that any posts containing nonsense and off colored remarks will be immediately removed. Also, leaving posts in someone else’s name constitutes fraud and will therefore be removed as well. Repeat offenders will have their ip address blocked as well. Please remember that this site was created to honor the beautiful Mary Kornman. John
10:14am 01-11-2011
Rick Hansen
I just finished up watching the entire "Our Gang" series on TCM and I couldn't help but check out some of the earliest of "Hal Roach's Rascals". I'm a 45 year old guy, but these timeless classics just kept me in stitches. Mary, along with so many others in the "Gang" will never, ever be forgotten.... Many thanks for this website which keeps her memory alive and well !
11:29am 01-06-2011
I'm a life long Rascals fan. As a kid, I was obsessed with them and as I got older my interest leveled off and receded somewhat, but these days I tend to prefer the silents to the talkies. Having only seen about a dozen silents (including a couple I own on Super 8 film), I was thrilled to watch and videotape the TCM marathon. I hope the silents are restored and released on DVD soon. My two favorites are Mary Kornman and Jackie Condon. Looking at the photos on this site, what struck me was how many times Mary and Jackie are next to each other. Those two seem to be next to each other more than any two other kids. I can only wonder if my two favorite Our Gangers happened to be best friends in real life. Mary and Jackie, I hope you both rest in peace, and know all the joy you and all the other Rascals gave me, and as you two are in Heaven, I hope you both will pray for me. Thank you Mary Kornman and Jackie Condon.
12:25pm 01-05-2011
Paul V. Diederich
It is great seeing the silent "Our Gang" shorts on TCM. I have many of the silent "Our Gang" shorts on DVD and many of them are complete as far as I can see but as I watch certain shorts on TCM such as "Dog Daze", I noticed that there are certain scenes that are missing from my DVD example. As I have stated before, a small video company called Laughsmith had planned to release a DVD set of complete, uncut and digitally remastered "Our Gang" silent shorts but apparently there are some legal issues preventing Laughsmith from releasing this DVD set. They have been working on these shorts for about 5 years and it is a shame that it may never be released. Let us hope that either Laughsmith or some other video company will release these great shorts after all the legal mumbo jumbo is cleared up. We can only hope.
11:45pm 01-04-2011
Joe King
I just seen Mary in Fish Hooky on TMC, seeing the old Our Gang is always a joy.. When I was younger I never realized she was one of the original members making a guest appearance as a teen on Fish Hooky. She was such a cutey that died way to young. Thanks for creating this site for her, if any of you have the time stop by my Pete the Pup tribute site at:
8:15am 12-27-2010
John Frank
Today is Mary’s birthday. The launching of this website was six years ago today and is still going strong, with plenty of visitors! Thank you all for your interest!
Thank you, Universal, for releasing an official version of "College Humor" on your new “Bing Crosby Collection”. Buy Here

TCM will be airing a day of silent "Our Gang" shorts featuring Mary on January 5th and some "Boy Friends" episodes on January 11th!

Randy, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! You’ve got the photo count up to 622 and still going!

Most of all, thank you Mary, for putting sunshine in so many hearts and a smile on so many faces!
Happy Birthday Mary!
12:09pm 11-27-2010
Fran Haefner
A very beautiful woman and a very beautiful person. The world was made a little better by her presence.
9:44am 11-22-2010
Marsha Kornman
Mr. Frank - As you can see that I have the same last name as Mary, and interestingly, I am from Weld County Colorado. I stumbled upon this website and I'm wondering if perhaps I may be related to her. I was wondering if you could help me to figure this out.
Thanks, Marsha
5:14pm 11-07-2010
Paul V. Diederich
Mary was the original Leading Lady of Our Gang and the others that followed her in that role just were not, well Mary! Laughsmith Entertainment had planned to release a set of uncut digitally improved Our Gang silent shorts featuring Mary in most of them but apparently this set in some kind legal limbo. Hopefully this set will see the light of day in the near future. Like Shirley Temple, there will never be another Mary Kornman.
4:56pm 07-29-2010
Jim Nething, Jr.
I love Mary!!!
3:35pm 07-24-2010
Daniel Rose
My name is Daniel Rose, im writing to you because , im a huge fan of yours . I own all the little rascals movies. Ive gotton a signed photo from the Woim, Jerry Tucker Jean Darling, Dickie Moore. I wish there was a way to get a autograph photo of you ? Do you ever talk to Jackie Lynn Taylor ? I wish i could get hers to.
Thank You Daniel Rose.
1:13pm 06-15-2010
Mary was and still is my idol.
I wish I could have known her.
She was so beautiful and sweet. I could just stare at her
smile and big beautiful eyes all day.
Mary K.
10:46am 05-05-2010
Hello Mildred Please write me back soon as you get this. Sorry your Sister Mary is gone .Mimi
3:52pm 02-23-2010
david hailey

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