9:00pm 11-02-2015
Staten Island Bill
I loved you and your friends in the TV reruns
9:44am 10-28-2015
Tim Reese
Thank you Mary for providing so much joy and happiness to many generations of fans. Your smile and kindness sets you apart from all the rest.

And thank you John for providing this wonderful tribute site for such a wonderful personality.
3:45pm 10-07-2015
Grandpa Chet
Enjoying chapter two of Queen of the Jungle now. Mary was a great actor as a child and just as good, if not better, as a grown-up. This stuff never grows old - and this is the movie that Sheena should have been in the 1980s.

Interestingly, African natives are mostly scripted and directed as real human beings, at least in these first chapters. (The white folks are pretty stupid though.) Quite a difference from most "jungle movies" of the time.

The old age makeup for "Mom" Mary doesn't look good at all. My guesses are (a) cheap budget and/or (b) the artist gave up on trying to make Mary look less than young, healthy, and beautiful. Couldn't be done.
10:19pm 08-05-2015
Mildred. I want your address so I can write too you please. I loved the Our Gane please give me the address thanks ;-)))))
6:34pm 12-27-2014
John Frank
Mary’s site has now been up for 10 years! I’ve created a new 10 Year Anniversary Album full of cool Mary photos, all supplied by Randy over the last two years. Thanks Randy!

Once again, Thank You Mary, for putting sunshine in so many hearts and a smile on so many faces!

Happy Birthday Mary! Happy 10th Anniversary!
6:05pm 12-14-2014
Bob Buechner
Thank you for doing a great job putting this site together. I've worked at Rancho Maria (named by Ralph M. after Mary) since 1975, so this lady has a special meaning for me.
Bob Buechner, President of the Acton Historical Society......
7:19pm 10-29-2014
chris reeves
mary you were one of a kind love you
1:41pm 10-14-2014
Steve Costanzo
Thanks for the website. I am going to purchase the Saddles, Saloons & Six-shooters DVD and saw Mary's name listed in the credits of The Desert Trail. I looked her up on IMDB, but found very little information. Then on a Google search of her I found your website. Thank you for putting this up in her memory. The content is rich in photos an biographical information, not to mention personal insight into her life. It was wonderful visiting the website. Again, thanks for keeping her memory alive.
11:34am 04-09-2014
Debra Armenta
Thank you for the fond memories!!!
6:14am 02-21-2014
Curt Jester
As a new collector, it's always nice to find a Mary Kornman, probably the most collectible of the OG'ers. I just won Pic #3 from the top left on a PostCard! Probably when she was starting out. Great site, and with many Silent OG movies on youtube, I will me seeing much more of this great star.
8:56am 12-30-2013
john brezina toth
I think that teenaged Mary in the "Boyfriends" shorts looked like she could be Thelma Todd's kid sister.
6:47am 12-27-2013
John Frank
Mary’s site is nine years old today! Randy continues to supply a bunch of cool Mary photos. Thanks bro! I hope to be posting all of those shortly after the New Year. Stay tuned!

Once again, Thank You Mary, for putting sunshine in so many hearts and a smile on so many faces!

Happy Birthday Mary!
12:41am 06-30-2013

I live in the house that Mary's husband Ralph grew up in in Greeley CO. Would love to find out any info on surviing family for research on the house.

5:02pm 04-28-2013
Paul Diederich
To Mike Montgomery, sorry to disappoint you but your autograph request from Mary is impossible. Unfortunately Mary passed away from cancer on June 1,1973. The best way to obtain a signed photo from her is through eBay but be prepared to shell out a lot of cash as a signed photo of Mary Kornman is among the hardest to find of any of the "Our Gang" kids. I was fortunate enough recently to get an original signed 5x7 photo of Mary that she signed as a girl or maybe in the early 1930's in an auction on eBay. I got it for a bargain at $96.00! The photo not only has Mary's personal signiture but also the message: "To Joe, Loads of luck, Love Mary" I assume that "Joe" is Joe Cobb as he was the original "fat kid" in "Our Gang". Good Luck to you!
11:25am 04-28-2013
Mike Montgomery
I am writing to express my amazement at the talented and beautiful Mary Kornman! I think that she is sooooo gorgeous! I love classic film actresses and models, and she is amazing! I was wondering if there is anyway that Mrs. Kornman could be contacted on my behalf to please request an autographed photo of her if she had the time? I am an autograph collector of actors, musicians, and actresses that I admire, and would love to have her in my collection! I would appreciate it so much! I love her work and hope to enjoy it for many years to come! I hope that us fans bring her as much happiness, as she does to us! Thank you so much!

Mike Montgomery
408 South Institute Street
Richmond, MO. 64085
United States
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