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4:49pm 02-08-2021
chris remington
We have not forgotten. You live in are hearts and on screen forever.
7:21pm 01-27-2021
Devin Dugan
Hi Mary,

Is there an address that I can send a photo and self addressed stamped envelope to get an autograph from you? I am a huge fan of yours. Thank you.
12:17pm 12-30-2020
Steve anton
I love you Mary
U r the best


1:45pm 12-27-2020
John Frank
Happy Birthday Mary! Happy 16th Anniversary!

Thank you Randy for everything!

Thank You Mary, for putting sunshine in so many hearts and a smile on so many faces!
9:34am 12-25-2020
Douglas M Phillips
Another Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday, Mary.Thank you for all the entertainment. Wish we could have been friends. Love your BOYFRIENDS series. Your fan Doug Phillips
2:20am 11-02-2020
Phil Soinski
What a nice tribute to a very talented actress who certainly brightened up many a flick.Will be check-out more of her films. Did she ever do any radio?
1:17pm 06-09-2020
W Jackson
My friend and I were watching an old silent Our Gang short neither of us had seen before, and Mary came into the scene and my friend said "And now the 1920's Our Gang cutie". He was right, she was so cute! And now researching her and her life, she was cute even as an adult! Something about those 1920's cuties...
1:19pm 12-27-2019
John Frank
Happy Birthday Mary! Happy 15th Anniversary!

Greetings and much thanks to you, Randy, for all of the Beautiful Mary photos and memorabilia you have sent my way!

Thank You Mary, for putting sunshine in so many hearts and a smile on so many faces!
9:15pm 12-24-2019
John Frank
Merry Christmas to All!
12:19pm 12-24-2019
Douglas Phillips
Thank you again Mary for all the joy you have brought. Merry Christmas & Happy Birthday. Wish I could have met you. Your fan, Doug Phillips
1:17am 06-15-2019
Eric Moser
I love the little rascals! Was just watching it on vudu.
10:29pm 05-31-2019
frank aden
I am VP of the History of Idaho Broadcasting Foundation, we are looking at doing a tribute to her. Any idea why her family was in Idaho Falls?
9:22pm 12-26-2018
John Frank
Happy Birthday Mary! Happy 14th Anniversary! Randy, you're the best! Thanks!

Thank You Mary, for putting sunshine in so many hearts and a smile on so many faces!
5:57pm 12-22-2018
Doug Phillips
Merry Christmas & Happy Birthday, Mary. You have given many hours of joyful entertainment. Thank you so very, very much. Your Fan, Doug Phillips
2:24pm 09-08-2018
Priscilla O
Mary was such a joy to watch on screen, especially her most notable role on the silent Our Gang comedies. She was just so sweet and wonderful.❤
Thank you so much Mary, for filling our hearts with laughter and happiness!
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