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8:34am 06-09-2006
John Frank
Please note that I have switched guestbooks. Below are listed all of the entries from the original Mary Kornman Guestbook. Thank you. John Frank

Torlandor Puzdoi - 2005-11-25 16:49:50
hello every one

Ron Coblentz - 2005-11-06 15:52:16
Thank you for this website and the official picture gallery website. She was extremely talented and beautiful and leaves a wonderful legacy.

John Frank - 2005-09-10 17:48:59
Once again, Thanks to both Randy and Bob for sharing from their private collections, allowing their photos to be displayed in the Mary Kornman gallery!

Randy Jones - 2005-09-10 07:04:50
1st message!!! If anyone has photos of Mary that you don\'t see in the gallery, please share them
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