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4:35pm 05-31-2018
joel martin
It would be priceless to hear from her younger sister "mildred kornman" and ask her some questions about "mary" she getting pretty old these days and were lucky shes still going strong at 92 years old. The most wonderful thing about the internet is being able to get in touch with the old timers who we wouldnt otherwise get an exclusive interview with. For example "Lois laurel" tirelessly answered so many interesting questions about herself and her dad "stan laurel" shortly before she died. it would be such a sad loss to have marys memory die out along with untold storys and sentiments from those who were closest to her.
2:18am 03-14-2018
jimmy tillitt
hello, is there a way to write to Mary for an Autograph? Thank you, jimmy
1:13pm 12-27-2017
John Frank
Merry Christmas to all! Sorry for the late Christmas greeting but my internet was down for a few days. That said, 13 years and is still going strong! Thanks Randy for all you do!

Thank You Mary, for putting sunshine in so many hearts and a smile on so many faces!

Happy Birthday Mary! Happy 13th Anniversary!
8:38pm 10-30-2017
Great actress and person who brought happiness to many. She loved animals and was beautiful.
2:39pm 05-11-2017
Michael Perlow
Loved Mary in the silent Our Gangs. I just found this site and am looking forward to exploring the photos and videos.
8:33pm 02-10-2017
Walter Garces
Thank you for keeping up the website of this talented and beautiful person. I have enjoyed all the information and photos from a time long gone brought back for us all.
You keep her memory alive.
Best wishes to you and your family
9:12pm 12-27-2016
John Frank
Mary’s site has now been up for 12 years and is still going strong! As always, Thank-you Randy for all of the great photos you have donated!

Thank You Mary, for putting sunshine in so many hearts and a smile on so many faces!

Happy Birthday Mary! Happy 12th Anniversary!
3:01pm 12-12-2016
Mike Davidson
Hi John. Not sure if remember me but you and Randy sent me some DVDs a while back of Mary and Thelma Todd. I have found very good quality copies of all 15 of The Boyfriends on Video Dailymotion. They can also be downloaded. I believe they are all from their airings on TCM. I have also found tons of the Our Gang silents on Internet Archive. Take care, Mike Davidson.
4:08pm 10-17-2016
Thank you so much for bringing happiness into so many lives, even to this day! ♡
10:26am 09-01-2016
I like her address please I also Loved The Little Rasculs . My Father was one small Boy who got too see them in real life as a small boy with his 3 Brothers
8:43pm 02-17-2016
Nelson PR
Thanks for bringing me so many laughters when I was a kid, back in the 70's
I'll Always remember the gang,and of course,Mary!
4:52pm 12-28-2015
John Frank
Mary’s site has now been up for 11 years! Thanks Randy for all you have done in supporting the site!

Thank You Mary, for putting sunshine in so many hearts and a smile on so many faces!

Happy 100th Birthday Mary! Happy 11th Anniversary!
9:00pm 11-02-2015
Staten Island Bill
I loved you and your friends in the TV reruns
9:44am 10-28-2015
Tim Reese
Thank you Mary for providing so much joy and happiness to many generations of fans. Your smile and kindness sets you apart from all the rest.

And thank you John for providing this wonderful tribute site for such a wonderful personality.
3:45pm 10-07-2015
Grandpa Chet
Enjoying chapter two of Queen of the Jungle now. Mary was a great actor as a child and just as good, if not better, as a grown-up. This stuff never grows old - and this is the movie that Sheena should have been in the 1980s.

Interestingly, African natives are mostly scripted and directed as real human beings, at least in these first chapters. (The white folks are pretty stupid though.) Quite a difference from most "jungle movies" of the time.

The old age makeup for "Mom" Mary doesn't look good at all. My guesses are (a) cheap budget and/or (b) the artist gave up on trying to make Mary look less than young, healthy, and beautiful. Couldn't be done.
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